Silence CA TUE! AKA Silence We Are Shooting!

ReviewDVDby brians

Silence CA TUE is a movie that is filmed like a documentary from the camera man's angle and point of view but tells the story of his director friend 'Chris' he is following and filming. What if you were hell-bent on achieving a certain goal, but certain unnecessary obstacles prevent you from reaching this goal. Everyone has a boiling point and a limit and Silence CA Tue shows us the limit one person can take, this is one of  "those" films that make you think, "what would you do, what are your limits and breaking points? "This Belgium  indie-film is inventive and very ruthless at times.

silence CA Tue

Synopsis: A young director disgusted by the financing system of the movie industry decides to shoot a feature movie made from live scenes without any financial support in order to denounce the difficulties to achieve a cinema- tographic project in Belgium. The rivalries between the cast members, the excesses and the frustrations will slowly lead him to a surrealistic disaster.

Written &Directed by: Christophe Lamont

Special Features: A very special behind the scenes (25 min), An in-depth interview with Ljo Menzow, Trailer, and more.

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