THE BEATLES finally coming to iTunes?!


Attention all Beatles fans!

With September 9th, 2009 already ushering in remastered music and the highly anticipated The Beatles: Rock Band, there are rumors brewing of another long awaited treat... The Beatles on iTunes!

G4 reports the speculation stems from Apple's announcement of a very special event that "just so happens" to be on that same date of 9/9/09. While refreshes to the iPod and iPod Touch lines will be announced that day, rumors are swirling about that Apple plans to announce The Beatles coming to the iTunes Store.

MacWorld postulates:

The Fab Four have been missing so long from the iTunes Store and those expecting a Beatles announcement from Apple have been disappointed so many times that a Beatles-in-iTunes prediction is something a cautious pundit doesn't want on his or her resumé. Yet, the alignment of the dates makes it difficult to resist.

Apple is rumored to be working on a Cocktail initiative with the record companies. This is a scheme where interactive booklets are bundled with album downloads from the iTunes Store. The record companies would really like to see some attention brought to the album format and if Cocktail can help with that, they’re all over it. Could Apple launch this initiative in a more impressive way than pulling Paul and Ringo on stage and announcing, 'Today, at the iTunes Store, you can download the same music, the same liner notes, the same lyrics, the same photos, and the same documentaries that are bundled in the Beatles’ box set.'?"

This would be absolutely monumental, if true. But this isn't the first time this kind of talk has made it's way through "Rumorville." And with the remastered versions being released on box set, is the convenience worth the sacrifice in quality? For a lot of people, you bet your ass it is.

What do you think? Will The Beatles be on iTunes? And would you rather download from the iTunes Store, pick up the box set, and/or and play it on Rock Band?

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