True Blood Season 2 Episode 11 'Frenzy'


This weeks True Blood episode, 'Frenzy' puts a strain in Hoyt and Jessica's relationship as Hoyt sides with his demon eyed momma and leaving Jessica in tears.

Bill is visiting with the Queen Sophie-Ann to consult with her on how to kill a Maenid (our un-beloved Maryann). After an unexpected over-night stay with Queen Sophie and a few games of Yahtzee the Queen finally gives Bill a few words of wisdom about the Maenid Maryann.

Eric is visited by a  babysitting Sam(Arlene's kids showed up at Merlottes) who asks him for help and Eric also pays a visit to the Queen. Eric and Bill have a short discussion about Sookie as Bill leaves heaed back to Bon Temps.

Jason and Andy have a heart to heart and find out they are more a like than they had ever thought and they've declared war on, well they've just declared war and poor Jason is back to his old self finally, "dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb."

Tara escapes with the help of her weak minded mother.Sookie and Lafayette follow behind her to get her back before anything else bad happens but somehow during their brave rescue Lafayette is confronted by Maryann and becomes a "demon eyed" Maryann lover as well. Poor Sookie is in a bad way leading into the season finale on September 13.

My Review: One thing about True Blood is they keep you wanting more! This week the eve of the finale does not fail. Every major character storyline has been set up. Will there be an alliance formed? Will we loose a favorite character? Will one of our favorites betray us? The ultimate show down is next, who will win? Will the freakin egg hatch?... and what's in it?

True Blood Season 2 finale airs on HBO September 13

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