2 new Cinemash Reenactments DIRTY DANCING and OLD BOY

by Eli Reyes

Here are 2 new Cinemash videos featuring Channing Tatum(G.I. Joe), Charlene Yi(Paper Heart) and Milo Ventimiglia(Heroes).

The first reenactment of Dirty Dancing is absolutely hilarious, as Tatum hams it up as Patrick Swayze as Yi's Jennifer Gray tries to apologize for her father's behavior.

In the second reenactment, it's "hammer time" for Milo in this classic scene from Thirst director Park Chan-wook's classic, Oldboy.

Channing Tatum and Charlene Yi wax romance and dance, mixing intamacy and hilarity in this special scene from "Dirty Dancing."

Milo Ventemiglia is the real "Hero" as he goes "Old Boy" on a group of AIG executives who are in the midst of strapping on golden parachutes.