AVATAR Toy Reveals closer look at the Na'vi

by Eli Reyes

After watching 25 minutes of James Cameron's Avatar at Comic-Con, I'm left with flashbacks and nightmares of giant creatures chasing me around a bio-luminescent jungle... but that's just me. In the exhibition hall we got to see a life size version of the "Powersuits", as well as toys from Sideshow Collectibles, of the new world James Cameron has created. But what they didn't reveal, were any toys of Pandora natives, the Na'vi.

In this pic from CHUD we get a head to toe look at a the Avatar of Sam Worthington's character, Jake Sully. Sure it's plastic, but this is good as it gets for now. The Avatar's are created by splicing together Na'vi DNA and human DNA. This toy is spot on as far as the proportions go, keep in mind an average human would only come up to about his waist or hips.

We had to remove the Na'vi toy photo because FOX demanded it.

For a better look at the outrageously realistic skin textures on these all CG characters, check out the "full face pic" Root Mazer put together below.