by brians


Orphaned  and semi-normal college girl Ami seeks revenge on her brothers killers. As she enters the world of the Ninja-Yakuza one by one she violently starts knocking off her brothers killers until she is captured,tortured,beaten and has one arm sliced and diced like something out of a Ron"Ronco" Popeil infomercial. As she is left for dead she is rescued and brought back to health by a friendly couple at a machine shop. The couple help her heal her wounds and teaches her a  trick or two on "self-defense". The shop owner makes her a prosthetic arm that is a high powered tommy gun. As she and her friend set out to finish what she had started. With throwing stars flying in the air, too many bullets being fired, blood bath after bloody blood bath, a chainsaw and some weird chain slinging be-header will Ami and her side-kick get their revenge?Well,go watch it and find out!

The Machine Girl has a hint of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, the Saturday afternoon flavor of Kun Fu theater, the soundtrack of 70's porn meets Godzilla and the violent style and gory kill scenes of, well this might be the icing on the cake! The only movie I can think of that has kill scenes even close to this is Gutterballs. The mixture of CGI and cheesy super-soaker blood baths and plenty of prosthetics is the perfect mixture! This is hands down one of the funnest and goriest movies I've seen in a long time. It's meant to be fun and cheesy so don't go into it expecting a blockbuster,just enjoy it and have fun watching it!

Special Features: Behind The Scenes Of The Machine Girl

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