SPREAD Red-Band Trailer has the strangest narration by Ashton Kutcher

by Eli Reyes

This Red-Band Trailer for the romantic comedy Spread, features Ashton Kutcher doing hands-down, the WORST narration of all time. Not like "80's movie over the top" bad, but "I just woke up at the crack of noon" bad. I don't get why he chose this voice for his character, Nikki, but it'll put you to sleep faster than Ambien.

The Red-Band is very similar to the Feature Trailer, aside from the half naked women and more of Kutcher and Anne Heche. And I believe they CGI'd some bigger swimsuit bottoms on Margarita Levieva(Adventureland) for the other trailer as well.

Well Ashton, well done. Against all odds, you've managed to play a character that makes you seem like a bigger bag of douche. Bravo. I liked you on That 70's Show, but that credit line is running thin.

This movie may offer some actual goods though. I've read but I don't want to spoil, that Kutcher's character may be more of a grifter rather than just a suspender and scarf wearing womanizer. I'll have to see more...

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below.

Source: IGN

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