FEARnet Will Show The 5 Unaired Episodes Of Fear Itself

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We let you know last week that Fear Itself will be coming to DVD on September 15. Now the news is FEAR.net will start airing the 5 unaired episodes on September 2. Fear Itself was actually Showtime's hit Master's of Horror series renamed and replaced on NBC. Created by Mick Garris. Here is FEAR.net's schedule for airing the episodes.

– Director: Rob Schmidt
– Stars: Anna Kendrick, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Martin Donovan, Mark Pellegrino
– Premieres 9/2
– Ends 9/16

The Spirit Box” is directed by Rob Schmidt (“Masters of Horror,” “Wrong Turn”) and written by Joe Gangemi (“Wind Chill,” the novel “Inamorata”). When two suburban high school girls, played by Anna Kendrick (“Rocket Science”) and Jessica Parker Kennedy (“Kaya”), try to contact a dead classmate via a board game, they receive an unexpected message from beyond the grave. The dead girl, thought to be a teen suicide, was actually killed by a teacher with whom she’d been having an affair and now wants their help in avenging her murder. Martin Donovan (“The Dead Zone,” “Weeds”) and Mark Pellegrino (“Dexter,” “K-Ville”) also star.

– Director: Rupert Wainwright
– Stars: Aaron Stanford, Eric Balfour, Camille Guaty
– Premieres 9/3
– Ends 9/16

Echoes” is directed by Rupert Wainwright (“The Fog,” “Stigmata”), and is written by Sean Hood (“The Crow: Wicked Prayer,” “Halloween: Resurrection”). Steven (Aaron Stanford, “The Hills Have Eyes”), an affable, good-natured young man, moves into an apartment where he believes he once lived -- 88 years ago in a past life. But as memories appear to him like ghosts, he begins to believe that in this previous life he was a sadistic murderer – or is he just imagining things? Eric Balfour (“24,” “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”) and Camille Guaty (“Prison Break,” “Las Vegas”) also star.

– Director: Eduardo Rodriguez
– Stars: Johnathon Schaech, Ashley Scott, Victoria Pratt
– Premieres 9/4
– Ends 9/16

The Circle” is written by Cemetery Dance Magazine publisher and editor Richard Chizmar (“From a Buick 8”) & actor Johnathon Schaech (“Masters of Horror,” “That Thing You Do!”), based on the short story of the same title written by Lewis Shiner, with Eduardo Rodriguez (“Curandero,” “Daughter”) directing. A group of people meet every Halloween to tell horror stories and suddenly discover they’re living one. Starring Johnathon Schaech (“Prom Night,” “Angels Fall”), Ashley Scott (“Jericho”), Melanie Nicholls-King (“The Wire”) and Eric Keenleyside (“Traveler”).

– Director: Ernest Dickerson
– Stars: Wendell Pierce, Paula Jai Parker
– Premieres 9/5
– Ends 9/16

Something With Bite” THINGS GET HAIRY WHEN A VETERINARIAN GETS BITTEN BY A STRANGE ANIMAL – DIRECTED BY ERNEST DICKERSON (NBC’S “HEROES”) – WRITTEN BY MAX LANDIS (“MASTERS OF HORROR”) -- "Something With Bite," directed by Ernest Dickerson (NBC’s "Heroes"), is a reinvention of the classic werewolf story from writer Max Landis ("Masters of Horror"), the son of John Landis ("An American Werewolf in London"). When a veterinarian (Wendell Pierce, “The Wire”) is bitten by a large, strange animal brought into his clinic, he begins to see the world and his stale life differently. Paula Jai Parker (“Side Order of Life,” “The Proud Family”), Meshach Peters (“Eureka”), Kailin See (“The Assassination of Jesse James”) and George Buza (“Diary of the Dead”) also star.

– Director: John Dahl
– Stars: Ethan Embry, VondieCurtis Hall, Christine Chatelain
– Premieres 9/6
– Ends 9/16

"Chance" is directed by John Dahl (“You Kill Me,” “The Last Seduction”), and is written by Lem Dobbs (“The Score”) and Rick Dahl (“Red Rock West”). In the vein of such classic doppelganger stories as “Jekyll & Hyde” and Poe's “William Wilson,” the episode explores a dreadful, classic battle that ensues when a man, played by Ethan Embry (“Brotherhood,” “Sweet Home Alabama”), is confronted by his evil self. Also starring are Christine Chatelain (“Smallville”) and Vondie Curtis-Hall (“ER,” “Soul Food”).


Source: IconsofFright & FEARnet

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