THE ORPHANAGE Remake Finds a Director

by Joey Paur


Remaking The Orphanage is just as ridiculous as remaking Let The Right One In. There's no point. The original film is absolutely perfect the way it is. There's no reason to make it again. It was a great little ghost story and one that I can't see being done any better.

The guy they brought in to direct the film is Larry Fessenden. This guy has his hand in the Hollywood cookie jar, he is a writer, actor, producer, editor, cinematographer,  and director. He is mostly worked on independent films and I most recently saw him in I Sell The Dead, which was a great film that he starred in and produced. He is also a extremely nice guy and I understand that a job is a job and he makes a living at doing this, but why remake a movie that doesn't need remaking?


Here is the kicker though Guillermo del Toro, the producer of the original film is also the producer of the remake! And, he has written the script with Fessenden.  Does that make this remake ok? I'm gonna stand my ground and say no! Perhaps Del Toro thinks it could have been done better? I don't know. It's not like he needs the job or the money. The guy will never be hurting for a movie gig ever again.

Fessenden was handpicked by Del Toro to direct the film based on a woman who, upon returning to the orphanage where she grew up, discovers that her son's imaginary friend is the same person who terrorized her when she was a child.

I'm not sure why they feel they need to remake it but apparently Del Toro likes Fessenden's out-of-the-box approach to the film. If you haven't seen the original film, I suggest you go check it out out, because it's a great ghost story. If you have seen it what do you think about the film getting remade?

Source: THR

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