DVD Review: Nature's Grave (2008)

by brians

This remake of Long Weekend gets a new title and an interesting tail. Nature's Grave, directed by Jamie Blanks should serve as a "How Not To" video guide on camping trips. Or maybe "When Animal's Really, Really Attack, Get Back and Get Even."

The story follows Peter (Jim Caviezel) and his wife  Carla (Claudia Karven), and their dog as they take one last effort in trying to salvage their failed marriage. As they go off on a long weekend camping to try and reignite that "spark". They find out camping is more than they ever expected out of a camping trip. Peter pretty much is that one obnoxious friend we all have that litters,runs over the little animal or bug, likes to play with his fire arms, takes unnecessary risks without thinking twice about it, but is really a good guy just kind of misunderstood. Carla is the wife that nobody would want. She complains all the time, she's always negative and always whines about wanting to go home. Sorry if this offends you, that type is out there and I didn't write or direct this movie! Which is awesome I might add!

Nature's Grave is filmed off the beautiful shore of Australia,we get to see a lot of the local animals in the film and we also get to see them go wild on humans! Without spoiling too much I will say we go from a simple ant bed by the tent all the way to the beach where we are introduced to a Sea Cow, that's right people! Oh and did I mention the VW van? Well yeah, I just did but I'm not saying anymore, you have to watch it!

This great film didn't make it to theaters here in the U.S., but the little Aussie/German DVD treat serves up well without having any extras. Another thing that makes this film so great is that it only has two people in it, well and their dog and a few crazy ass animals. This is one of the rare finds and I'm glad i got up enough nerve to watch It. Truth be known I only watched it because I knew the director, and knew who Jim Caviezel was. Great job Jamie Blanks! Go find this movie and watch it!


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