Lasers never looked so FUN... or EVIL

by Eli Reyes

I already have the fear of running for my life; being chased by dogs, serial killers, and thanks to The Day After Tomorrow... global warming. Yes, global warming chases people in that movie.

Now I have a new fear: lasers. This is a video that surfaced on YouTube a few days ago, and it's mind boggling. When I started watching this video, my first thought was to scream, "Fake!" But the further you get in, the intricacy and precision of this laser(s) is simply not human.

This is apparently a test for laser scanner software, that will be used for tracking contours. Of what? I don't know. It quickly tracks new contours introduced into it's path. What makes it all the more creepy, are the sounds it makes when moving around. It intensifies in smaller areas. It sounds alive!!!

I'm not sure what this is for, but it looks like this could be used to play one hell of a game of Pong!

The only defense against the laser's attack is a black sharpie marker. Arm yourselves humans, before it's too late!

If you have anymore info on this, or can explain how this technology works or what EVIL wrath this will inflict... Let us know! (Warn us)