Liam Neeson is the UNKNOWN WHITE MALE

by Joey Paur


Liam Neeson has been cast in yet another action thriller called Unknown White Male. The film is being developed by Dark Castle and Warner Bros. and the director of the recent horror film, Orphan. Jaume Collet-Serra is directing the movie. Joel Silver is on board to produce.

The story centers on a doctor (Neeson) who, while visiting Berlin with his wife, is in a car accident that leaves him in a coma. He awakens to find that he seemingly has been replaced by another man, one with sinister intentions, leading the good doctor on a frantic quest to uncover the truth.

I love watching Neeson do his thing up on the big screen. The guy is just such a great actor and to see him in some of these action type films has been pretty cool. He recently starred in the hit film Taken, plays Zues in the upcoming film Clash of the Titans, and is going to play Hannibal Smith in The A-Team Movie.

Source: THR

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