So a BARBARELLA Remake is Happening After All

by Joey Paur


After Robert Rodriguez left the project I didn't think a remake of Barbarella would actually happen. He came onto the project a few years at Universal, and Rose McGowen was set to star. They couldn't agree on where to shoot the film so Rodriguez left.

A new writer and director have been brought in to develop the film for producer Dino De Laurentiis. Robert Luketicis set to direct the film, his credits include films such as Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law, 21, and The Ugly Truth. Interesting choice for a guy that has mostly made chick flicks. Rodriguez was a much better choice. Looking at the stuff he has done, I think the film could turn out pretty plain, unless he is hiding some crazy imagination and talent we don't know about. Writing the film is Joe Gazzam, who is a new comer that hasn't done anything that's been released yet.

The film will be based on the original 1968 film that starred Jane Fonda. Barbarella centers on a female mercenary who roams the universe of a distant future, undertaking missions that require fearlessness, ingenuity and sensuality. The new take on the iconic character will not be campy, though it will keep the sexuality; there will be seductions, but the focus will be on the adventure.

Once again I can't figure out why the movie is being re-made in the first place.

Source: THR

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