DVD Review:The Chaos Experiment(2009)

by brians

The Chaos Experiment aka The Steam Experiment (written by Robert Malkani and directed by Philippe Martinez) is one of these movies that tries really hard to be good but just isn't. This  half-ass story has a talented cast which includes Val Kilmer,Armond Assante, Eric Roberts (aint he in everything?), Patrick Muldoon, Megan Brown, Eve Mauro, Quinn Duffy and Cordeilia Reynolds.

The story follows Jimmy, who asks to have his "Global Warming" hypothesis published on the front page of his local newspaper or six people locked in a temperature rising bath house will die one by one. Val Kilmer portrays the Global Warming wacko Doctor to a tee! He goes on and on about Global Warming and also brings up the Mayan Calendar and 2012. He always picks different types of characters and this one doesn't disappoint, he is the only high-light in this film!

As the newspapers editor drags a sterotypical drinking Detective Mancini into the picture who tries to interogate Kilmer's character Jimmy but ends up slightly on the receiving end of the questioning and mind tricks.

The restof the talented cast just seem to be sweating bullets in the bath house awaiting their doom with no real backstory in the mix.

The beginning of this story seems to be going somewhere and then just fizzles out completely, almost like they just stopped and gave us a short cut ending. The ending just doesn't make sense to me or maybe i just really got that uninterested and bored in the flatlining plot of this yawner even though I watched it twice! Hey I gave it a try and wanted to like it!

The DVD has no Special Features and ok box art as you can see below. That's pretty much it here!If you're a Val Kilmer fan then watch it, he always gets into his roles but it seems these days Mr. Kilmer is limited to straight to DVD roles.


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