OMG Paris Hilton on Supernatural? WTF

by brians

Isn't that how she talks? Anyway, I'm putting my feelings aside on this one. I love Supernatural and if they want Paris Hilton on the show then go right ahead, or maybe she asked to be on it.

Anyway, she'll be making a guest appearance on Season 5 Episode 5. Her role is being kept under wraps. So enjoy peeps!

Supernaturals Season #5 starts September 10 with Season 4 hitting DVD and Blu Ray on September 1. Eric Kripke was also asked this past week by network head honcho Dawn Astroff if he'd keep Supernatural going for a 6th Season! This  coming Season 5 will finish the 5 year  arc.

Personally, the already struggling CW would completely die out if the network looses either show right now. They have no strong replacement set in place and there's only so many 90210's and Melrose Place's people can tolerate!



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