TV Review: Eureka Season 3.5 Episode 5 'If You Build It'

by brians


As Deputy Joe get her a new  Subaru police cruiser(more product placement for Eureka!) and poor Jack doesn't Fargo has to try and trash or trade in his old convertible "Tabitha" with a mind of  her own.But Tabitha will not go easy! Oh yeah, Eureka being the genious town that it is it seems most of the cars are "smart" cars with auto-pilot systems and personalities of their own!

The teens start out sleep walking and build a triangle of towers all from household furnishings and appliances. As more and more of the good people of Eureka start to sleep walk and deliver their home appliances to this location Jack and the Global Dynamics team are hot on the problem, first finding that you DO NOT try to wake up a sleep walker!

As Allison, Henry and the rest of the team get ready to shoot down what has been headed on a crash course to Eureka this season a last minute ditch takes place, the trash pile activate only to serve as a "space jump receiver" for a ship that makes it's stop and Henry  admits it's a ship he sent out years earlier! So what has this ship brought back to Henry and Eureka?The build on this has been a sub-plot for every episode so far.

More humorous moments own this episode as we get to see a car kidnap two humans, the smart car herself tricks the  two genious to wind up in her trunk as funny moments between the two follow. Jack aka Sheriff Carter isn't allowed to get a new Police car because of his driving record. Zoe is happy she can nap on the way to school(because her car can drive itself). Henry has a big worried look on his face, what's happening?

This show rarely disappoints, another great week in Eureka!

Eureka airs Friday nights at 8C/9E on SyFy.

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