FOX is Gearing Up to Reboot FANTASTIC FOUR

fantastic four

The same day Marvel Entertainment gets bought up by Disney for $4 billion dollars, Fox quickly announces that they are moving forward with a movie reboot of the Marvel superhero team Fantastic Four. For FOX to be able to keep the Marvel Properties they own, they have to keep pumping out movies based on those characters.

Michael Green has been hired to write the script, he is a co-producer on the TV show Heroes, and he also co-wrote Green Lantern. We still have yet to see how good Green Lantern will be. Producing the film is Akiva Goldsman who is currently involved with a few DC comic book films such as Jonah Hex, The Losers, and Teen Titans.

I wasn't a big fan of the first two Fantastic Four films, and I'm not very excited to see FOX come in a ruin it all over again. Chances are they will reboot the franchise by recasting all of the characters, but still end up with a weak script and a bad movie. I just don't see it being any better than what they have already done. I just don't think they know what to do with these characters.

What are you thoughts on FOX rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise?

Source: Variety