HALLOWEEN 3-D director already Chosen?


So it was only announced yesterday, that the Weinsteins are giving the "old heave ho" to director Rob Zombie for the rebooted Halloween franchise. "Learning" from Halloween 2's second place finish at the box-office to The Final Destination 3D, they want the next Mike Meyers film to be in 3rd dimension as well. Oh, and for Mr. Zombie to stay the hell away.

So with that news fresh off the digital presses, a person who goes by the name "The Egg Man" has e-mailed several sites claiming that he knows who is directing Halloween 3D.

So other than a love for The Beatles, and that he may be in the biz, we have no idea who this guy is. So keep in mind, this is just a rumor that is floating around Rumorville in the land of Rumorslovia.

Here is what he had to say. THE EGG MAN:

I figured I would let you in on a little info that came my way via my agent. I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but if it is, it wouldn't surprise me.

Word is, that the person who will be directing this next film, not only has horror experience, but also has experience with Michael Myers, and 3-D films as well.

I heard that Dimension is in negotiations with STEVE MINER to come back to the franchise. Steve directed Halloween:H20, as well as Friday the 13th parts II and III. Do whatever you want with this info. If you choose to use it, feel free to call me THE EGG MAN."

Well, we've got an e-mail out to Mr. Miner and will let you know what he says as soon as he returns. Miner also directed the Day of the Dead direct-to-DVD release from First Look.

BloodyDisgusting has sent out an e-mail to Miner and is quick to offer up a theory on why it's NOT true!

The reason I DON'T believe this rumor is that I've been doing some heavy digging since it was announced and have learned that Dimension Films might have actually jumped the gun on the announcement, and still have yet to decide if they're doing it or not.

I hope it's not true. If they are doing it the in your face gimmicky way they did The Final Destination, just for the sake of a good opening weekend, then that's a shame.

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