MAD MEN Gets Picked up for a 4th Season

TVAMCMad Menby Joey Paur


AMC has renewed their hit TV series Mad Men for a fourth season, which is very much deserved. Mad Men is easily one of the best and smartest shows on TV right now, and there is a lot of places they can take the characters that have been developed. I'm lovin the series right now! If you haven't been watching, it's about time you check it out. AMC's Charlie Collier said:

We always saw the potential for 'Mad Men. It's been extremely gratifying to see the show develop in to such a pop-cultural phenomenon with such a passionate fan base.

The executive producer on the show Matthew Weiner signed a two year deal with show producer Lionsgate back in January that helped pave the way for the series continuation.

The show recently recieved 16 Emmy nominations for it's second season, and in 2008 it won Best TV Drama. More Mad Men is coming!

Source: Variety

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