TEEN WOLF TV Pilot is Being Developed at MTV

TVMTVby Joey Paur


MTV is reinventing the 1980's classic movie Teen Wolf as a TV series, and with the kind of stuff MTV has been pumping out theses days in combination with the people that watch MTV, I can only imagine how bad it will be. You gotta understand MTV's audience is like 85% Twilight fans.

The original film starred Michael J. Fox as a teenager who discovers he is a werewolf. The MTV version will be set in high school, draw from the horror genre to explore werewolf mythology and include a romantic plot line. MTV says:

It has a fresh take and is very different from the original. It has more of an 'American Werewolf in Paris' feel to it. It's a dramatic thriller with two best friends in the center who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques.

I'm still not buying it. Since when has MTV really made anything worth watching recently? So I'm obviously not excited about the idea of a Teen Wolf TV series, but what about you? What do you think about it?

Source: THR

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