new SURROGATES International Trailer


Here we have a third international trailer for Bruce Willis' new film, Surrogates. The trailer offers some new footage from the film, which looks like a pretty typical Bruce Willis action film. But let me ask you this... if these people are just laying around all day living their lives through these surrogates for years and years, how in the hell are they staying in shape and not becoming obese like the folks in Wall-E? Sometimes movies are just so unrealistic.

Agent Greer (Bruce Willis) is a homicide cop in a world where surrogates have ended violence. But when several operators (ie people) die when their surrogates are killed, he is called into action to investigate - and when his surrogate is also killed, the real Greer has to step out onto the streets for the first time in years.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

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