PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 Logo, Release Date, and possible Plot


It's official... it's been tweeted. Disney posted this on their Twitter Page today:

The Pirates of the Caribbean 4 coming summer 2011.
Captain Jack Sparrow is here and the crowd goes wild!

First of all, don't tell me I'm going wild. I will decide when I'm good and ready to go wild. Second of all, the word "crowd" is offensive to us. The correct term is "large gathering of individuals."

They went on to post this pic of Johnny Depp in full costume as Jack Sparrow, greeting fans at Disney's first annual D23 Convention. Yes, the crowd is going wild as he announces the release date.


They've also posted up the official logo and title for the fourth installment(of a planned six), Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides.


No word on the official plot, but Cinematical points out a book from 1987 with the same title, “On Stranger Tides,” by author Tim Powers.


Here is the book’s synopsis:

Puppeteer John Chandagnac, bound for Jamaica to recover stolen money from his uncle, becomes Jack Shandy after pirates attack his ship and force him to join their crew. Shandy’s struggle to accept his new life grounds the story for readers, even as Blackbeard and vodun magicians whisk everyone away to dreamlike lands where the Fountain of Youth itself awaits. The chaotic sea battles sing, though at times key events happen so quickly that they get lost in the shuffle as Jack tries to comprehend where he’s going and what’s at stake. This dark fantasy tale will appeal not just to pirate fans but also to anyone who appreciates Powers’s talent for blending the most unlikely elements into a brilliantly cohesive whole.

So could this be what Pirates of The Caribbean 4 will be adapted from? That would be right in line with everything else the franchise has covered.

So what do you think of the title Pirates Of The Caribean: On Stranger Tides? How do you feel about the possibility of the story revolving around a quest for the Fountain of Youth. Are you mad you missed Johnny Depp in full costume at D23? Yeah... me too.

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