Review: Vampire Diaries Episode 1

ReviewTVCWby brians

Vampire Diaries serves as the story of Stefan (Paul Wesley), a centuries old vampire living and blending in to today's society and it's high school  and also his "special" interest Elena (Nina Dobrey) who we will find out more about through each episode.

As this 'Pilot' episode slowly introduces it's characters it opens with a question, "how can the freakin vampire walk around in the daylight ?" Well, jumping all the  way to the end of the episode we find out the mysterious and might I say very large ring serves as protection from sunlight and who knows what else. How did we find out? Well, let's thank Stefan's newly arrived "bad guy" brother for letting us in on what that ring is for.

Vampire Diaries has some interesting characters which include the nerd,the two hotties who battle it out to see who's prettier, a friend who see's things,the jock, the troubled brother and two vampire brothers (one bad and one good) who will battle it out for a girls love. It has cool throwback FX including fog and crows mixed in with modern CG FX. I need to see some fangs people!

There are so many similarities between Vampire Diaries and 'Twilight'. It is a mixture of Twilight meets Dawson's Creek. I want to like it, I will probably keep DVR'ing it but I don't know if the popular vampire movement can keep it alive, maybe it can, I guess we'll see. It has a chance as long as something stronger doesn't rival it's time slot and remember it has a very, very strong anchor in 'Supernatural'!

The Vampire Diaries come from the L.J. Smith books by the same name.

Vampire Diaries airs on The CW Thursdays at 7c.

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