The Beatles Rock Band- Game Review


A day later, I finally had the opportunity to experience The Beatles Rock Band game on the PS3.  I was not disappointed.  This, and Arkham Asylum, have probably been my two most anticipated games of the year.  I don't know when the new L4D dead will be released, but that one's up there too.

First of all the intro:  SPECTACULAR!  It literally left me speechless.  I think I was midway talking to my friend Heidi about something and the intro started and I just stared open mouth.  It was pretty sweet.  The graphics are so awesome!

The second thing that totally impressed me was the history of the Beatles and the way they laid it out for the gamer.  I mean, it had things from the locations of important, legendary concerts and shows, to little photographs of the beatles themselves and even pictures of Beatles' friends like Brian Epstein and Billy Preston.  If you're a die hard Beatles fan, like me, you will totally appreciate the little things like that.  They had cool recreations in animation of the roof top concert and the movie Yellow Submarine and soooo much more I don't want to give away!

There are some freaking sweet ass songs.  They don't have all the songs on there, but they have some fun ones.  My favorites are Birthday (the drums on that are killer!), paperback writer, the end and she's so heavy.  There will be more songs available for download, but none available yet.

My only complaints are that you can't do sweet drum riffs right before you get the star power.  It just lets you hit the green bar and you got it.  You Rock Band nerds know what I mean ;)

The other thing that I didn't like was that you couldn't create your own character....  I was hoping I could create my very own 60s Twiggy-esque character or a cool bee hive hairdo babe.  but alas, I couldn't.

Besides those two things, no complaints... I just can't wait till the new songs come out.

I wanna know what all you RB geeks out there think.

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