Will Fox Really Kill Off Wolverine?


Here is a little bit of interesting news to share with you regarding FOX's Wolverine franchise. As you know a Wolverine sequel is a go, and Wolverine will go to Japan to battle it out during a time of self discovery. As of right now Gavin Hood the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not attached to direct, which is fine by me. We need someone who will do a great job with this one and who will stand up to the studio to try and get whats right for the character up on screen, and not let the studio stomp all over it. The sequel will be closer to Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's 1982 mini-series than the original movie was to comic continuity.

Executive producer Lauren Schuler Donner recently gave an interview in which she sheds some light on what she wants to do with Wolverine, and it's the same thing they did to Cyclops in X-Men 3... kill him. She starts off by talking about the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

I think it’s our responsibility to remain true to the source material. There are other influences and other factors that make us deviate from it, the first of which being transcribing it to the screen. We certainly are fully aware of the fan base and try in every way possible to stay close to the source material. I think in ‘Wolverine’ it was a little bit different because there was a lot of different source material, a lot of different legends in Victor Creed’s relationship to Logan and Logan’s background. There were some choices we had to make. Certainly in ‘Wolverine 2,’ in the Japanese saga, we will stay very close to the source material. I think it’s just best that way.

They sure did make all the wrong choices didn't they. As for the longevity of the Wolverine franchise she says:

There's enough comic book material to support [a long-running series]. If we were to make up our own story, which we've never talked about, personally I would do it with Chris Claremont. I would stick with the creator... Chris is writing an amazing series right now where Wolverine's killed, Storm is the villain. Sure, one day I'd love to [do] that.

I hope to hell they don't try to make up there own story! Wait a second, they say they never talked about it, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a story they made up!

The series that Donner is talking about is the alternate world story, X-Men Forever, in which Wolverine dies in the second issue. As for killing off Wolverine in film, when they killed off Cyclops in X3 fans were just pissed off. I would think if they killed off Wolverine fans would be pissed off as well. Apparently this is what Claremont always wanted:

I always planned to kill him [during Claremont's original 16-year run on the X-Men series], but The Powers That Be wouldn't allow me to walk down that story path. I am so glad that I can take the characters on this particular journey now. It allows for real growth and change, and exciting possibilities. Doors that were locked can now be opened. Unfortunately, the general consensus in comics is that a character's death means The End. It's my strong belief that through such an emotionally fraught event as one character's death, the characters, the storyline, and the concept find new regenerative power and can grow stronger, for the future.

One can hope that if they did kill him off, FOX would stop making movies about him and let Marvel finally do their thing with him, and the rest of the X-Men. Would you like to see Fox kill off Wolverine or would that just enrage you?

Source: Latino Review

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