TRON: LEGACY Will Get a Video Game

Games Tron: Legacy by Joey Paur


It's really no surprise to me that Disney's Tron: Legacy is going to get a video game version. The first film had several video games based on the movie, every big budget film being made these days has a video game made to accompany it, and the movie is based in a world of video games. But our friends at Latino Review spoke with producer Steven Lisberger who is currently working on Tron: Legacy, and they said the first thing they wanted to ask him was if there was going to be a video game.

Steven did confirm that yes, there IS a video game in the works by Disney Interactive. He said he wasn't sure if he should mention it or not, but he's confirming it anyway.

So there ya have it folks, it has been officially confirmed that there will be a Tron: Legacy video game. Most movie based video games end up sucking ass, but there are a few little gems that have been made throughout the years that have surprised me, most recently is the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game which was much better than the movie. There's a lot of cool stuff they could do with a Tron game with all the awesome technology that we have today! Hopefully Disney Interactive will take advantage of that technology and pump out an incredible Tron game.

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