Review: Eureka Season 3.5 Episode 9 'What Goes Around, Comes Around'

As Tess is filling in for Allison who is now on maturnity leave Global Dynamics is in good hands, or is it?

Jack and Tess who is experimenting with this cold/deep freeze "ice core" experiment thing meet up with a returning Taggart (Matt Frewer) who disappeared at the end of Season 1 I believe. The "ice core" has rings around it like a tree, for those of you who wanted to know. Taggart and Jo use to date, kind of, so now Jo is in a pickle of sorts with Zane and now Taggart seeing her he pursues heavily. Zane starts acting really cold towards Jo and it causes a problem for the two.

Zoe informs Jack that she now wants to be a doctor after helping with Allison's delivery and will be going off to college but never fear Sarah (the house) let's Jack know she'll always be there for him, what a relief!

A visiting Captain Eury from Russia bonds with Jack while a lurking Zane is watching Taggart and the next thing we see is Taggart in an ice block. He gets thawn out and questioned by Tess and Jack. The ice seems to be spreading and growing.Cool kind of like kudzu! Taggart moves his attention away from Jo to pursue the growing ice problem Eureka and G.D. is facing. Captain Eury has doubts in Tess containing the new "ice age" problem without hurting the core.

Jo and Jack find an "ice cold" Zane in his lab and Tess finds ice crystals growing in his lungs while checking him out. Tess is as confused about why the ice keeps growing Jack has questions what if it's not the ice at all but what was originally storing it, in the "fridge". Captain Eury is put in his place by Jack and Tess.Eury starts helping Jack and team to get this problem under control.

Zane and Jo patch their little problem and he decides to go help Taggart try and fix the new "ice age". Question is, why was Zane affected and Taggart wasn't? Good ole Jack figures out the difference in the two, it's a chemical Patrotech which one has in them and the other doesn't. Jack to the rescue as always! But can he save Eureka and it's people before the new "ice age"  takes over completely? So they use a pumping system to spread the Patrotech throughout G.D. and then through the town.All things saved, right? Yes, the Patrotech spreads and works!

So you ask where's Henry in this episode? Well Henry (Joe Morton) directed this episode!

My Review: This week saw an old friend return in Taggart. We watched Jack and Tess build on their relationship.alos watched Jo and Zane get close thanks to Taggart and a small icing problem. We get to see Joe Morton and his directing skills and Eureka was indeed in good hands..

Eureka airs Friday on SyFy at 8c

Catch the Season finale 9/18.

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