Review: True Blood Season 2 Episode 12 'Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Well my peeps Season 2 is a wrap! It starts off with Eggs, Tara playing with the creepy egg while Lafayette nad his black eyed demon butt pushes Sookie around and into a bridesmaid dress, that's right I said it. Maryann is getting married to "he who comes", or is she? One last creepy shiver dance anyone? "What are you?" Maryann asks Sookie, "I'm a waitress" she replies! Watching Lafayette drift into darkness wasn't fun for me!

Hoyt sets his mom straight and goes to find Jessica but only to knock on a door with nobody to answer. Where's Jessica? She's at the truck stop picking up truckers and well getting her fang on!

Meanwhile at the Yahtzee tournament, Eric has his heart-to-heart with Eric, tells him he must take care of Bill, she really intimidates these guys! So now Eric is on a mission and i don't like this! Do you? Eric is really Sophie Ann's bitch boy isn't he! She's behind Eric's blood selling business and I think Sookie's blood might play into this.

Jason and Andy's rescue lasts about 5 seconds and then the both of them are black-eyed demon dummies too!they do serve up great comic relief!

We get to watch Maryann's semi-flatlining display of a sacrificial party/wedding. A few tricks are played with Bill showing up with Sam in hand and to be sacrificed only to Maryann's gullible surprise. Now Sam does get hurt a little but he and Bill have a plan that is the highlight of this finale! I don't want to give you too much but I will say that I loved the white bull god! We get a cool dark moment with Maryann and her deserving slumber. Michelle Forbes deserves an Emmy for this scene! Everyone's hypnosis is over finally and they don't remember anything. Egg's is really having a problem and meets his untimely demise at the hands of a trigger happy Jason!

Now, Sam is off on a mission to find his "parents", yes i said that right and we will learn more about that next season if the Earth isn't destroyed by then!

As everything seems to be getting back to normal we head to Merlotte's and watch our patrons talk about what they think happened and wow do they have imaginations!

Bill surprises Sookie with a gift and dinner, I'm not gonna give too much away but the night starts out just right, Sookie is asked a question and she panics and has to go powder her nose for a second and as she returns to Bill, he is gone. Now, not to give any of this away let's just say Bill left with a new necklace. How do I know? Well I saw gloved hands wrap what looked like a "silver" necklace around  Bill's neck! Bill and Eric's "friendship" is going to get rocky next season along with the help of Queen Sophie!

Let us know what yall thought about the season finale! To me it was kinda ok. It could have been better that's for sure! What would you have done different? How close to the books is Alan Ball gonna stay? Which bad guy do yall wanna see next season? Oh and  do yall think Maryann is gone for good, she is buried in the ground (which is her favorite place to be).

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