Joe Dante's THE HOLE Best 3-D Film Of The Year?

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Out of all of the 3D films that have been released this year so far I would have never thought that Joe Dante's family friendly horror film, The Hole, would have been named the best 3D film of the year. I have yet to see the film, but it beat out both Coraline and Up which were not only great films, both looked absolutely fantastic in 3D.

The Hole, which currently has no U.S. distributor or release date, won the Venice Film Festival's new Persol 3-D award after premiering at the festival this month.

As much as I have enjoyed Joe Dante's other films like Gremlins, Explorers, The Burbs, and Innerspace, I still didn't see The Hole as something that would blow me away or even compare to Coraline or Up. The footage we saw of The Hole at Comic-Con was pretty good, but nothing special.

The film is about a family that moves into a house with a bottomless hole in the basement. A pair of brothers stumble upon the mysterious hole and it leads to the darkest corridors of their fears and nightmares.

The Hole was honord at the film festival for "best representing the exploration of this new frontier of cinematic language." Dante must have done a great job job bring this film to life in the 3D medium. May he actually used the technology as something more than just a gimmicky profit-booster.

I will say that all of the good films that have been released this year in 3D have been animated. Maybe this is the first real live action movie that will do 3D some justice. James Cameron's Avatar was not in the running this year and as you know it is being marketed being groundbreaking.

However this news gets has sparked a little fire within me, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie now. The film still has yet to pick up a U.S. distributor, but it wont be long until it finds one. So does this news sparked your interest in this film? Especially since it beat out Coraline and UP?

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