PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Movie Trailer is a Must Watch!


We have shared a couple older trailers for this horror film, Paranormal Activity, which I have enjoyed watching and has done a good job of getting me excited about the movie. Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for the film that is set to open up in theaters September 25th. The new trailer for the film is great, it shows you footage from the film as well as the audiences reaction to what they are seeing. This film has been locked away for a few years, not because it was bad, but because they bought it for the intention of remaking it which never happened they decided to released the original version after it tested so well among audiences.

EVERYONE that has seen this film has said it is scary as hell, and that it is actually a great movie. Apparently the film was shot for $11,000 in the director, Oren Peli's home in San Diego. Check out the new trailer below and let us know if you will be seeing this movie. If it is not playing near you make sure you go to the website and Demand It.

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