The King Comes To True Blood: Season 3

So we've seen Season 2 come to a close and I'm already counting down to Season 3 which a is long ways off.

Denis O'Hare Joins True Blood as the Kind of Mississippi

Alan Ball has let us in that the King of Mississippi will be in Season 3 and will played by Denis O'Hare (Quarantine,Duplicity) and will have something going on with Even Rachel Wood's Queen Sophie Ann character.

Ball also let us in that we'll meet up with the werewolf Alcide in Season 3 along with Sam's real family (this should be interesting), we also get to meet the badass vamp Franking Mott, Debbie Pelt and the people who live in a Hotshot?

Ball also says True Blood will be back at around the same time next year on HBO, he says maybe a little sooner but don't get your hopes up!

Dedicated to my Robbi,one of the biggest True Blood fans out there!

Source: DreadCentral

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