Lebron James to Play Himself in Basketball Comedy

SNL LeBron James

I guess it was only a matter of time before Basketball star Labron James tried his hand at acting. He will make his feature film debut, playing himself in a comedy called, Fantasy Basketball Camp, for Universal Pictures. Imagine Entertainment is also involved which mean that Brian Grazer is producing the film. I have yet to see a Basketball player that can actually act. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the only one I have ever enjoyed in the movies.

Fantasy Basketball Camp is a comedy about five guys from different backgrounds who come to Vegas to live out their fantasy by attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp. While it should be enough that these dreamers get to breathe the same oxygen as their hero, the campers drag James into their various life issues, ranging from serious to idiotic.

I see a really bad movie about to get made. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is one of those films that you see on the shelf at Blockbuster Video that went straight to DVD, that no one rents. Grazer gets this little bit of info:

I initially sought LeBron out because my 8-year-old son, Thomas, and I were just dying to meet him, but I felt that beyond being one of the world's great superstar athletes, here was someone so relaxed and comfortable with himself that he would have the capability to be that way onscreen. Later, when I watched him host 'Saturday Night Live,' and saw his advertising work, it was clear he can do this.

Really? I thought his Saturday Night Live appearance wasn't all that great. Not only will James star in the film but he will also executive produce it as well. Look I think Labron James is an incredibly talented athlete! I just hate when they try to transition over to acting because it almost always ends up being an epic fail. Who knows, maybe he will end up being good. I guess we'll eventually find out. What are your thoughts on James getting in on the movie business.

Source: Variety

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