Limited Edition MODERN WARFARE 2 250GB Xbox 360 Bundle

GameTyrantby Joey Paur


If I just had tons of money to burn on stuff I don't really need then this is one of those things I would buy! Yesterday Activison revealed its special edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle.

This Bundle includes:

  • A great looking custom 360 Console

  • Two Wireless controllers

  • A Copy of Modern Warfare 2

  • and a 250GB hard drive

The hard drive will only be available with this bundle and will not be available on it own. To get the drive you have to get the bundle. Somewhere down the line it could happen but as of right now... nope. I have 120GB hard drive and that's more than enough for me, so I'm not really bummed out. However if my XBox falls victim to the red ring of death for the fourth time, I will gladly replace it with this new Modern Warfare 2 bundle.



Source: joystiq

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