First Set Photos from THE KARATE KID Remake

Here are the first photos we have seen from the not so highly anticipated remake of The Karate Kid, which is now called The Kung-Fu Kid. So in the pictures below we see Jackie Chan who plays Mr. Han (the Mr. Miyagi character) and it looks like he has developed some kind of training contraption using bamboo and rope. Possibly teaching Jaden Smith who plays Dre (the Daniel Laruso character) how to swing his arms correctly when he walks.

Will Smith is producing the film about a kid named Dre that loves to skatebaord and play video games. He is forced to move to China when his mother has to relocate to China due to her job. Dre obviously has a hard time fitting in with everyone, because he is not from China. So like all kids that don't fit in with their new surroundings he gets picked on and beat up by the students of Li Quan Ha’s Fighting dragon school of Kung-Fu. Mr. Han is the maintenance man who gets a look at Dre's black eye, he then porceeds to teach him both kung-fu, and the Chinese language, so he can fight back!  I'm sure it will end in some kind of tournament without the classic crane.




Source: Spoiler TV