Left 4 Dead 2 Banned in Australia

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What? Does Australia have something against killing zombies?! I am a big Left For Dead fan, and I can't wait for the sequel. I know I will be able to get myself a copy, but what about the thousands of Australians that won't be able to get one!? This really sucks. The Zombie survival shooter has been refused classification, preventing the title from being sold on Australian shelves.

So why was it refused classification? The copy of the board report gives the following reason:

The game contains violence that is high in impact and is therefore unsuitable for persons aged under 18 years to play.

The game contains realistic, frenetic and unrelenting violence which is inflicted upon "the Infected" who are living humans infected with a rabies-like virus that causes them to act violently.The player can choose from a variety of weapons including pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. However, it is the use of the "melee" weapons such as the crowbar, axe, chainsaw, and Samurai sword which inflict the most damage. These close in attacks cause copious amounts of blood spray and splatter, decapitations and limb dismemberment as well as locational damage where contact is made to the enemy which may reveal skeletal bits and gore. Projectile shots to infected humans can cause abdominal wounds which can reveal innards or even cause intestines to spill from the wounds.

Wow, I'm sorry but, this game sounds freakin awesome! I would consider this a very positive review of the game in my eyes, and I can't wait to kill me some zombies! It's a zombie game! With out all the frentic and unrelenting violence it would be a pretty lame zombie game.

EA Australia has issued the following statement:

[We] are still working through the submission process with OFLC and want to explore all opportunities before making any comment.

Hopefully they can come up with a way to allow this game to be released in Austrailia, without giving them an edited version.

Source: IGN

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