X-MEN: FIRST CLASS to Shoot in 2010?


An actor by the name of Tim Pocock ended up playing the young Scott Summers/Cyclops in the latest FOX brain fart X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he's revealed that he will reprise the role in the next FOX X-Men film, X-Men: First Class. He said via his twitter:

Currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010...then X-men first class ;)

X-Men film producer Lauren Shuler Donner has been talking about a new X-Men movie that would start production in 2010, and we speculated that it would be First Class, since that's the only X-Men movie they have been talking about. A script has been completed by Josh Schwartz, who is the creator of The OC, Gossip Girl, and Chuck. So it looks like they are now quietly prepping up for production. The film will take elements from the Marvel Comic X-Men: First Class that was released back in 2006.

Pocock was barely in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I don't remember him saying anything in the movie, so I have no idea how well of a Cyclops he will make even though he has played him. Does this mean we will see more people from the Wolverine movie reprise their roles? What do you all think? Are you ready for a new X-Men reboot from FOX, or do you just wish they would give it back to Marvel already?

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