Michelle Monaghan reunites with Downey Jr. in DUE DATE


Michelle Monaghan is set to reunite with her Kiss Kiss Bang Bang co-star Robert Downey Jr., in Warner Bros. Due Date, the next road trip themed comedy from director Todd Phillips(The Hanover/Old School).

As we reported two months ago, Downey stars opposite Zach Galifianakis in this "buddy comedy, without the buddies."

Due Date centers on an expectant father(Downey) who finds himself on a road trip with a mismatched partner, as he races to get there before the birth of his first child. Monaghan will portray Downey's pregnant wife.


Despite the 11 year age difference between Downey and Monaghan, their chemistry is quite amazing and believable. In the comedy thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, they played reunited childhood friends who get wrapped up in a murder investigation.

So what do you think of Michelle Monaghan playing Robert Downey Jr's pregnant wife in Todd Phillip's new comedy Due Date?

Source: Variety