Review: Supernatural Season 5 Episode 2 'Good God,Y'all'

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Now that the brotherly bond has been broken between Sam and Dean it seems the Supernatural story is slowly dividing into two separate stories, one of Sam's and the other Dean's.

As Sam and Deans demon fighting buddy Bobby is still recovering they meet up with the newly returned Cas, who is now cut off from Heaven and is now very limited with his powers. Cas let's the brothers know there is really only one who can defeat Lucifer and that's God! Cass is setting out to go find God!

Now off to River Pass,Colorado the boys find Bobby's old hunting buddies Rufus (Steven Williams) and Ellen. The boys are looking at a deserted and torn, apocalyptic looking town. Ellen shows them what is left of the towns survivors hiding out in a basement with not much hope in the air.

Enter a few demon eyed locals as Sam is shopping in a vacated store he fights off one and is tempted to have a taste of the demon blood he has grown to love so much but just as he leans in for a small taste from his lucky knife Dean walks in just in time.

Ellen and Sam have a talk about how she notices the distance growing between he and his brother.T hey come across a house with some smoke burning sifting from the fire place and Sam tells Ellen, "Demon's don't get cold". They are attacked by a few people, one being Ellen's missing daughter and enter Billy's old friend Rufus, demon eyed and all.

Now ,things don't look good for Sam as Rufus lays in on him calling Sam evil while he is the one with black demon eyes! Now Sam notices it's all a game being played on both sides by a visiting War (one of Lucifer's Horsemen), who has been there the whole time and the games just keep on getting played. At this point Sam is the only one who knows what's going on. Good people attacking good people for the amusement of War.

Across town, Dean and Ellen talk and try to make a plan with the town priest, talking Bible and apocalypse and I think the priest got freaked out with all the talk. Dean asks the priest a few more questions concerning how War would arrive and is convinced this is who they are dealing with. Instead of a red horse it's a red Mustang. He asks if anything strange has happened in the past few days and is told a falling star was seen. Dean reads Revelation 8:10 ..."and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. " He also reads part of 8:11:" The name of the star is called Wormwood."

As the two brothers unite in town they trap a unsuspecting War who thinks they are going to kill him and let's them know they can't but surprise to him all they want is to cut a few of his fingers off along with his magic ring he wears. As they cut the fingers free the towns people trade their demon eyes in for normal eyes again!

Sam and Dean continue their talk, the lost trust and Sam confesses he doesn't trust himself and he misses the feeding. Sam let's Dean know he's ok with going their separate ways now. The trust is gone so where will this lead the brothers?

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