Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 2 'Night Of The Comet'

ReviewTVCWby brians

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Ok, it looks like each episode will start off with a bang! Somebody getting attacked by a vampire?

As Mystic Falls gets ready for it's Fall Festival for a comet passing by. Poor pretty girl Vicky is still recovering in the hospital and is visited by Stefan who tries to use his powers to see if she remembers anything about her attack. One wild pretty cool scene is when Stefan is looking around the hospital and walks in a room of blood donors, his eyes turn black and he has to get the freak out of there!

Aunt Jenna is made to feel like she's failing being a guardian to Elena and Jeremy by a trouble making Mr. Tanner.

Jeremy also pays Vicky a visit and keeps reminding her he likes her and she politely tells him she older, but she does it with a smile so maybe she's slowly giving in. I think this is how it'll play out.

As Elena visits the Salvatore home she finds Stefan is not there at first but she gets to meet Damon who fills her in on Stefan's last girlfriend. As Stefan walks in on the two talking he unhappily insists Elena leave and then he and Damon  have a talk and Damon gives him a harsh reality check that the closest he'll ever be to being human is biting the flesh of a neck.

As everyone talks and preps for comet night. Elena bumps into a polite Stefan who talks about the comet and apologizes for his rude behavior.

Poor Vicky keeps having crazy dreams. Like really crazy (vampires are after her) dreams. I  wonder why! As she wonders around she runs into Damon and says "I know you" to his answer of"well that's unfortunate". Then the scene jumps to her in the bathroom as he's rushing her with fangs in full force! Stefan hears Vicky crying at a far distance and finds her along with Damon teasing dropping her from a building top.Damon's influence proves to be much stronger than Stefan's. Damon tried to talk Stefan into feeding on Vicky to get stronger but Stefan refuses to feed on her. Damon plays to Stefan's weakness and then releases Vicky.

Stefan's secret might have been compromised bu Bonnie.Aunt Jenna and Elena have a cooling off sit down. Jeremy see's the girl he loves (Vicky) kissing another guy. Caroline runs into a hungry Damon. Elena finds Stefan to watch the comet with her and she talks a little about her "diary" and they have their first kiss.

This weeks verdict: You know what! This show is growing on me. Now I know it's for the teenie audience but it has great writing, a little darker than Twilight (which I applaud) and it's building it's character's in a slow smart way, not just shoving them in your face and leaving you to figure things out for yourself.

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