GEARS OF WAR Imulsion Energy Drink - Because you need it.


I think it's great when people have brain farts like this. The funny thing is there is a group of people out there that will go out and buy these kinds of things. They then put them on their desk or some kind of shelf at work or at home where they keep their little collection of geek stuff never to be opened, like the Duff Cola beverages that were on sale at Seven Eleven to promote The Simpsons.

So people are going to go out and buy themselves some Imulsion, which Yeah, it comes in the shape of an energy drink, and not a phosphorescent, highly volatile, low-viscosity fluid originally discovered by an oil exploration drill on the planet Sera [that] will cause Locust subjects to transform into Lambent forms, making them, amongst other things, highly explosive when killed. In extreme cases, Imulsion exposure will cause the subject to mutate uncontrollably…

Yep! It’s really just some bubbly sugary over-caffeinated liquid that licensed the GoW trademark. But hell, if you really want some it’s available at Amazon for $3 bucks.

Source: Technabob

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