Review: Uwe Boll's 'SEED'(2007)

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Ok, so writer, producer and director Uwe Boll (House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Postal) always gets a bad wrap for his movies. This offering is a step forward in the right direction, kind of.

Seed tells the story of Max Seed (Will Sanderson), who is a deranged and disturbed killer who has a fetish for locking his victims up in rooms and recording their deaths, no matter how long it takes. As Seed is found and brought to justice to be electrocuted. The state law plays into effect stating you can only give three jolts of electricity to the person in the chair and if that person is still alive they are to be set free. In Max Seed's case, his vitals and heartbeat are checked after each attempt and he is still kicking, kind of. The Warden, Doctor and Executioner all agree to announce Seed's death and bound and bury him alive, only to be the biggest mistake of their lives.

Just like his predecessors before him, Seed wears a mask and has a wild imagination when it comes to killing his captures, which range from dogs, bugs to people, even little children. Which brings me to this part, if you are squeamish or easily offended you probably don't want to watch this film.

The film itself and it's story are lost all the way through and with flat-lining acting including fan favorite Michael Pare`(Eddie and the Cruisers) as Detective Matt Bishop. Seed jumps around a little too much but Will Sanderson who plays Max Seed makes it fun to watch and sells his character very well without saying a single word. This could have been the beginning of a new horror icon! Uwe Boll's effort with this film is obvious and he is getting better.

There are two favorite kill scenes in this one being the "hammer scene" and the other is the "finale". The scenes are very imaginative and original with an ending only Satan himself would love.

Seed is a great attempt by Uwe Boll,it is fun to watch at times and also disturbing and offensive at times.

3 out of 5 Body Parts

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