the AVATAR Viral Footage and Site have begun


The viral marketing for James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar has begun!

The diet cola geared specifically towards dudes, Coca-Cola Zero, has launched a new viral site for Avatar at, for your daily source of the latest information about the Resource Development Administration's "AVTR Program."

This is your guide to the AVTR program where you'll get insight into the anthropological, biological and cultural advances the characters in the movie are making on the planet Pandora.

The site states that "Pandora represents great hope for humankind." And to join them in their efforts to build a bridge between two worlds.

You're greeted by a video intro of Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch, giving the same speech we saw him give in footage from Comic-Con, when Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) first gets to Pandora.


The site also includes concept art, Twitter and Facebook links, and a daily blog.


To check out the site CLICK HERE.