Will Batman finally start shooting people?


As you probably know, Batman has never picked up a gun to shoot anyone. He has a policy of not using firearms to fight crime. He has plenty of other homemade gadgets to kick some ass and take the bad guys out. Now it looks like a new comic book that is currently in the process of being developed, but technically it isn’t approved yet. The comic is called Batman: Odyssey, and as you can see in the art from the comic below Batman has got himself a couple firearms, and he’s blasting away. One of the great things about this new comic is the people who are involved with creating it, artist Neal Adams and writer Frank Miller, who are very big names in the Batman comic world.

Adams explains on his website why he is trying to get this Batman story off the ground:

I have never been able to bring my "A" game to Batman, to my satisfaction. Oh, a little here and there, but all out? Never, never. On this project? Yep. This is the Batman I believe in. So what do I, and of course the incredible Frank Miller bring to Batman after all that's gone before? Well it better be something that's pretty darn hot, Jocko, right?

He previously revealed that his Batman: Odyssey story is going to be a six to eight issue comic series. The series doesn’t officially exist yet and when DC Comics Executive Editor Dan Didio was asked about it he offered a non-confirmation confirmation.

[S]ince it's never been officially announced, I can't really say if anything's going on with it... And if I had 80 pages in my drawer of it, right now, I still wouldn't be able to talk about it.

Check out the Art work for the potential new series below and tell us what you think. Are you looking forward to seeing this new Batman with the power to shoot guns, or do you not want to see Batman lower his standards?




Source: io9

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