Final Trailer for the Zombie Film [REC] 2 w/ Subtitles


Thanks to our friends over at bloody-disgusting we have a new and final trailer to show you for the Spanish zombie film, [Rec] 2, and it looks just as fantastic as the first film was.

The film starts off 15 minutes after the first movie left off.

It has been just 15 minutes after authorities lost contact with the people locked in the building under quarantine. Nobody knows what happens inside. Outside is chaos...a SWAT unit enters the interior of the house to monitor the situation and determine what is happening. A seemingly quick and easy task. But everyone knows. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving...

I'm not sure when we will see this movie here in the states. Unfortunately I may just have to wait for it to come out on DVD like the first one. Or maybe Hollywood will make a quarantine part 2 before it gets released here in the states.
I hope not.  Here is the trailer for your zombie filled enjoyment.

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