New TOY STORY 3 Trailer Details


As you know Disney and Pixar are re-releasing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 as a double feature on October 2nd which will run for 2 weeks. The real full length trailer for Toy Story 3 will be attached to this Toy Story double feature. Details from this new trailer have come into the light, and it reveals a ton of new details for the third film. These are just details from the trailer for the film, but it you don't want to know until you see the trailer then don't read ahead.

The following desciption is brought to us by Jim Hill.

[The new trailer shows] Woody and the gang at Sunnyside Daycare. Where life among the toddlers looks like something out of “Lord of the Flies.” … Buzz and Co. get absolutely brutalized by these 3-year-olds. Which is why they decide that “We’re busting out of here.” The only problem is – during their initial escape attempt – the Space Ranger gets severely damaged. To the point that Woody & friends are forced to hit Lightyear’s reset button. Which then puts Buzz into Spanish-speaking mode. … When Buzz is in Spanish-speaking mode – he then becomes this hot-blooded, flamenco-dancing romantic figure prone to grand gestures. Which Jessie winds up being quite taken with.

Umm, brilliant? Yes. This movie is going to be hilarious! This is definitely going to be the biggest scale Toy Story film made. It sounds like they are going to go through quite a big adventure. I dont know if you remember this or not but it was said at comic-con by Lee Unkrich that the Toy Story 3 story team had actually drawn inspiration from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and that the third film will feel like the third part of one fairly seamless story. I really hope it feels that epic. What do you all think?

Below is a new TV spot for the Toy Story double feature.

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