Chloe Moretz Cast in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Remake Philip Seymour Hoffman Rumored


According to Chloe Moretz's imdb message board, she has been offered the role of Abby who is known as Eli in the original in the Matt Reeves directed remake of Let The Right One In. Abby is the young vampire girl in the story. There were some audition tapes that leaked onto the web not to long ago that showed Moretz's audition. Not only was she very good in the audition but she is a rising star in Hollywood. She recently was in 500 Days of Summer, and plays Hit Girl in the upcoming film Kick-Ass.  I think she will do great in the role. My problem is the fact that the movie is getting re-made in the first place. It not her fault, it's Matt Reeves fault. I don't know why he feels he needs to re-make it. The original film is perfect as is. If you haven't seen it watch it now.


Kodi Smit Mcphee (The Road) has already been cast as Owen, who is also known as Oskar in the original story.

There is also a rumor that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been cast in the film as well. This rumor comes from /film who got the info from a source. There are no details on if he is really cast and who he will play. If he is cast in the movie I think it's fairly obvious that he will take the role of Hakan, whose named will most definitely be changed for the remake. Hakan is the older man that was taking care of the young vampire girl. He would go out into the night killing people for their blood.

So the cast of this unwanted remake is coming together, and it's a pretty strong cast. Now all we need is for Matt Reeves to realize that this is a ridiculous idea and stop.

Oh yeah! I forgot to remind you that movie is going to be renamed Let Me In.

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