This modded out R2D2 provides hours of Retro Gaming Fun!


Yet another amazing case of someone with too much time on their hands... and what a fine job they must have done to ignore their loved ones.

Check out this amazing R2D2 hack that is an all in one retro gaming machine! Star Wars geeks... you've done it again.

This guy took an old R2D2 cooler and  crammed modified it with eight different consoles, a sound system, and even mounted a projector inside of the head... just like the real R2D2!!! Instead of a wise cracking R2D2, "Bloop bleep boop," (how dare you say that about my mother R2!) now you have your very own vintage gaming robot to follow you around.

Looking at the the remote controls, we see R2 contains vintage consoles like the:

NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Play Station, XBox, Dream Cast, and Atari.

If you take off R2's head that contains the projector, you can see the wild mess of cables, fans, and retro consoles, where the beverages were stored in the cooler, and where the midget would be in the real R2D2.

A truly amazing engineering feet to fit all of those electronics and broken dreams into such a small space. Check out the pics, and let us know what you think!

Do you have all of these consoles lying around still???


Source: HacknMod

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