Web Series/Comic XOMBIE to be Adapted into a Film


DreamWorks is currently in negotiations to buy the screen rights to a comic book and animated web series by James Farr called, Xombie. The main character of the story is a zombie cop named Dirge. Yes, A zombie cop who attempts to save humanity's remnants, particularly a young girl named Zoe from evil zombies. Yes, I said a zombie cop! Are zombies even allowed to be cops? I have to think there would be some kind of discrimination there.

Here is a character description for Dirge:

A mortally challenged man with a mind of his own, Dirge struggles to cope with the annoyances of unlife, all the while keeping tabs on Zoe - the one person who makes him feel alive. Forever the pessimist, Dirge fights against his posthumous tendencies, determined to be a good person no matter the inconvenience.

If the the film gets picked up Star Trek and Transformers scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will be brought in to executive produce the film. Will Beall will be writing the film. Beall is actually a former beat cop and anti-gang policeman in the 77th Division who recently became a homicide detective; he continues to serve in the LAPD while writing.

The zombie genre will never die, there will always be a market out there for it, and there are tons of zombie films being made all the time. It's a matter of bringing something new and different to the table that helps it stand out above the rest. A zombie cop is certainly a new and different take. What do you all think? And how do you feel about zombies being cops? Is that something you would be comfortable with?

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