David Cronenberg to Remake his Remake of THE FLY


I guess there are some directors out in the world that just feel that the movies they made the first time around just weren't good enough, and they think maybe it can be done better. Here's a question for you, is it OK for a director to remake his own film? Is that exceptable? Is that something to complain about? But this is exactly what is going down

David Cronenberg is currently in talks with FOX to develop a reboot of his 1986 classic film, The Fly. If he does it, he will both write and direct the film. I loved the first movie! It's just so awesomely gross and creepy. I love the practical effects that were used to create that insanity. I would normally complain about this being remade, but the original director is doing it. Can he bring it to a whole new level? More importantly will Jeff Goldblum star in it!?

In the past Cronenberg said he didn't want to be involved with a remake of the film, now here he is in talks to remake it. What changed his mind? Did he have an idea he wanted to explore? Did FOX offer him a ton of money, or did they make him an offer he couldn't refuse? There are so many questions.

The 1986 version was actually a remake of the 1958 sci-fi classic. So technically this will be the remake of a remake.  What are your thought on David Cronenberg remaking his own film, The Fly?

Source: THR

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