Ron Howard Talks About The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft


Ron Howard is taking on his first comic book adapted film, The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, created by Mac Carter and Adam Byrne. I'm really excited to see what he ends up doing with this film. I have not read the comic, but the premise of it is very interesting. Howard is a fantastic director and it will be great to see him enter the territory of comic book based movies. He recently did an interview with the LA Times in which he talks about this movie for the first time.

It very cleverly uses H.P. Lovecraft in a fictional way, but there's some loose biographical elements. But it certainly has the flavor and the tone of Lovecraft. The character is a very young Lovecraft... Look, it's challenging, but if we get it right, it could be really original and psychologically interesting and scary in a great way. And it's a graphic novel, this is new territory for me.

Here is a little synopsis:

Toiling away as a timid and eccentric writer of pulp horror stories, H.P. Lovecraft, is powerless in the world… in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back, mired in a profession that inspires no respect and frozen in the grip of a terrible writer’s block. Until one day when everything changes. Lovecraft comes in contact with an ancient book that passes onto him an insidious curse: whenever he sleeps, his darkest nightmares come true and are loosed on the world. Suddenly, this shy and bumbling writer becomes both an unwitting god of destruction and the only man who can fight the wickedness he unleashes. It’s a fantastical revision of the life and work of H.P. Lovecraft, a story in the mold of the classic Universal horror movies. A weird tale indeed.

It's a really fascinating time because I worked on three movies in basically three years. During that time, I didn't really get to attend very much to my development [of new projects] but I did initiate a lot of things. So what happened is, I didn't have finished scripts ready to go, but I have a lot of things that are sort of two-thirds of the way through and a really wide variety of them, including this Lovecraft project. So I've got literally half-a-dozen projects where essentially I'm waiting for [script] drafts to come in, and there's something I love about all of these ideas. We'll just have to wait to see what comes to fruition. I sort of can't bear the thought of letting any of them go. So maybe I've got the next five years spoken for.

Sounds like Howard is going to be a busy guy! When Howard puts a film into development he wants to do it himself, but sometimes his schedule doesn't cooperate or circumstances shift, and he has to pass it along to another director, and take a producing credit. It doesn't sound like HP Lovecraft will fall into that category though, he seems really excited about it. As for if the movie will be his next, he says:

You just never know, development is a minefield or a high-wire act or whatever you want to call it, but yeah, hopefully that it moves along and I will be directing that one.

I hope so.